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KKI501TH 高压顶部导向型单座调节阀

该系列为高压顶部导向型单座调节阀,与 KKI501G 系列相比,由于采用不平衡型阀芯,需要较大的执行机构输出力。但是,与精小型设计的多弹簧薄膜式执行机构或气缸式执行机构组合后,外形大为缩小。由于没有采用流体压力平衡型结构,该系列调节阀特别适用于料浆、聚合物、结晶体及高温流体。

This series is High-Pressure top guided single seated globe valves. Compared with KKI501G series valves, It needs more output actuator for adopting unbalance plug. But, Assembling with Multi-spring pneumatic actuators or cylinder actuators its size decrease a lot. With unbalance plug type trims, These valves is especially suited for oar, polymer, slurry materials or high temperature fluids.