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KKI500A 高压顶部导向型单座角阀


KKI500A 该系列为高压顶部导向型单座角阀,与 KKI501G 系列相比,由于采用不平衡型阀芯,需要较大的执行机构输出力。但是,与精小型设计的多弹簧薄膜式执行机构组合后,外形大为缩小。由于没有采用流体压力平衡型结构,该系列调节阀特别适用于料浆、聚合物、结晶体及高温流体。

KKI500A series is High-Pressure top guided single seated angle valves. Compared with 501G series valves, It needs more output actuator for adopting unbalance plug. But, Assembling with Multi-spring pneumatic actuators its size decrease a lot. With unbalance plug type trims, These valves is especially suited for oar, polymer, slurry materials or high temperature fluids.

KKI510A 高压多段式阀芯型角阀适合于在极其苛刻的工况条件下对高温、高压或高压差液体的精确控制。能防止液体产生空化气蚀、减少高速流体对阀内件的冲刷、降低噪音;尤其适合于对含有杂质或固体颗粒流 体的控制。由于具有使作用在阀芯上的流体压力平衡 的结构,因此只须用较小的操作力便可达到稳定调 节,能够承受较高的工作压差。

KKI510A High-pressure multi-step plug angle valves provide smooth and accurate capacity control of high pressure drop liquids without cavitation , erosion, vibration and high noise levels compare with single seated valves. It is particulary suited for appications invovling fluids with entrained particles. This series is characterized by pressure balanced type trim for very high pressure drops.